Not sure where to start with revision and studying... let us help!

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We know that studying is the last thing you want to be doing right now so this weekend but the exams are creeping upon us. So we created some great tips to get you motivated if you are not sure where to start.

  • Just start! This may sound like an obvious one, but honestly, the hardest part of doing homework or any other task is convincing yourself to get up and do it. So, trick yourself into it. Instead of being unrealistic and saying you're going to work for two hours, tell yourself you'll just do thirty minutes and watch that thirty minutes turn into an hour and an hour and a half and then two hours before you even realise.
  • Make a list. This will really encourage you to make sure you get everything done so you can tick things off.
  • Make yourself false deadlines. Convince yourself that the piece of work needs to be done by tomorrow and that added pressure will undoubtedly speed up your work rate.
  • Stay refreshed. Set aside breaks every half an hour to fifty minutes, depending on the amount of work you have to do, to stretch your legs even if it's just going downstairs to get a drink or biscuit. Keep these breaks short however, ten minutes max and do not allow yourself to turn on the TV or anything that you know you won't be able to turn off.
  • Don't multitask! Let's be honest, it is better to do one thing very well rather than four things poorly.
  • Shut off. You've probably heard this before and ignore it, but it is best to switch off all distractions such as your phone. There are even some websites such as "self-control" for macs where you can block yourself from certain websites for a period of time so you can actually have a Word Document up without YouTube or Facebook or whatever in the background.
  • Bribe yourself. Don't underestimate the power of a bar of chocolate, an online shopping spree for those shoes you wanted or a night out with friends as a reward once you've finished ALL of your work.

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