The Best Ways to Revise

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With a stressful time of year upon us, whether you are sitting Highers prelims or A-Levels mock exams. Students across the UK are feeling the pressure to succeed and may feel lost on where to begin. 

Here are some of the best ways to revise, these are strategies that have been proven to improve memory and exam grades include:

  • Finding a Good Revision Buddy - revise with people who help you work harder
  • Mixing It Up – don’t have a ‘maths day’ or a ‘science day’, do a few different subjects each day
  • Using The Testing Effect – doing quizzes, tests and past-papers
  • Spacing – one hour a day for eight days is far more effective than doing eight hours in one day
  • Get Plenty of Sleep – sleep is a key component for good memory
  • Teaching Someone – this helps ensure you understand and can explain key concepts
  • Pomodoro- spend 20 minutes learning a topic, have a 10-minute break then quickly re-read what you previously learnt then spend the next 20 minutes on another topic

What does poor revision look like? These are some of the common mistakes that poor revisers make:

  • Long Breaks – having the wrong ratio of revision time to break time
  • Blocking – doing one subject for a long period of time and not revisiting it later
  • Excessive Highlighting - using highlighters for colouring in rather than highlighting key information
  • Cramming - trying to do all your revision in one go
  • Procrastination – delaying starting your revision and doing it all last-minute
  • All Nighters – sacrificing sleep in order to stay up and revise. Especially the night before your exam!

Good luck!