Tutor Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our frequently asked questions for our tutors and teachers.  If you are a parent or student please click here for those.

Our Tutor FAQ's are broken down into 3 sections so please scroll down to the one that is relevant to your query.

How does Love2Teach work?

How do I register and create a profile that will get students?

I have a problem running my Love2Teach account - Help Me!!

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How does Love2Teach work?

How much does it cost for Tutors to use Love2Teach?

It doesn't cost you anything to set up a profile and begin to find students and use our services.  You will set your hourly rate, which means that you can decide what you think your skills and experience are worth.

We actively and continuously market to parents and students on behalf of our tutors and and we provide you with the tools to manage your tutoring such as appointments and payments systems.  To cover the cost of these services, we deduct 25% from your hourly rate.


Where do lessons take place?

The tutor and student should agree where lessons will take place, but there are typically four places where lessons take place:

- At the students home

- In a public place such as a library or a coffee shop

- Through our online classroom where each individual can join the lesson from wherever they and their computer is

- At the tutor's home

We recommend that parents are around when children under the age of 16 are being tutored, and most parents of children this age will ask for the tutoring to be done within their home.

How often do I have to tutor?

The whole idea behind Love2Teach is that you can work flexibly, tutoring as little or as much as you want to. Some of our tutors will teach one hour a week, whilst others will work full time as a Love2Teach tutor.  It really is up to you!


What qualifications do I need to become a tutor?

At Love2Teach, there is no requirement for tutors to have a formal teaching qualification, and in fact, some of the best tutors are not qualified teachers, just great teachers of their subject.

All of our experience suggests that parents and students are willing to pay more for individuals who understand and are able to demonstrate their understanding of, the curriculum, so we would advise all or our tutors to familiarise themselves with it.  


Do I need a Police Check? eg DBS, PVG

No, it is not compulsory.  However, if you can provide a copy of a current DBS/PVG then we can add a badge to your profile that tells parents/students that we have seen this.

How do I register and create a profile that will get students?

How much should I charge for Tutoring?

At Love2Teach you choose how much you charge per hour, but given our experience of working with hundreds of tutors we have some helpful guidelines below 

Our tutors' hourly rates vary depending on the level of study, the subject selected and qualifications and experience of the tutor. We see a range that is typically £15-40 per hour across the UK, some of the key variables we see are:

- We see experienced tutors and qualified teachers/lecturers at the higher end of the scale typically £25-40

- Where we see shortages of teachers across the UK we typically see higher prices eg Physics or Chinese

- Typically the higher the level (i.e. A Level or Advanced Higher) the fewer the number of tutors who have this skillset so the price tends to be higher

- London tends to be about £5-15 per hour higher than the range above

When talking to new tutors we usually tell them to objectively consider how much their time is worth per hour, add on an amount for travel and use that as a starting place.  You can always increase how much you are charging later.


How do I become a Tutor with Love2Teach?

Becoming a tutor with Love2Teach is really straightforward.  Start by clicking to Sign Up button in the top right-hand corner of the homepage and then complete the registration form to create a Love2Teach account.

From here you will be taken to our registration pages for you to complete your Personal Profile and your teaching preferences so that we can accurately match students with you.

You must upload a copy of your photo ID - passport, driving licence or ID cards.  We accept all international passports and driving licences and ID cards from the EU, USA, Canada & Australia

We will check your application and ensure that you have uploaded the correct ID so that we can verify your identity. To ensure quality, we vet every tutor and only accept those we feel can offer a great service to learners. Make sure that you write a really compelling About Me section, and include information about your relevant qualifications and experience so our students can get a feel for you.

How do I get students?

Once you have signed up with Love2Teach and you have provided us with the ID information we need to verify you and your profile will be live.  Students and parents will then be able to find you using our search facility.  You will only appear in search results where you fit the students' criteria, such as distance and time/availability.

There is then an option for the student to send you a message to start a conversation about setting up a tutoring arrangement. 

You'll be sent an email notification (and by text if you opt-in for this) as soon as a student contacts you, so you'll never miss a message. You can then log onto the site and discuss the opportunity with the student.

How do I create a great About Me section?

Your About Me section is your opportunity to sell yourself to prospective parents and students.  It is a professional statement but equally, people want to know a little bit about tutors personality to understand whether they will be a good fit for them and/or their child.

We suggest that you talk in the first person (using "I"), make it friendly without being overly familiar.  Do not include any of your personal details such as address, email, phone number, website or social media handles as this will automatically place your account on hold.  We have included some questions below to help you when creating a great About Me section: 

  • What knowledge and experience do you have that makes you a great tutor?
  • What kind of tutor are you, how do you help your students?
  • What is your knowledge of the curriculum and exam expectations?
  • What teaching/tutoring experience do you have and what motivates you to tutor?
  • Anything else about you that allows people to understand who you are? eg Parent, Local Football coach

Do I need a profile photo?

Profile photos are a really important part of your profile - customers are far more likely to select a tutor when they can see their face rather than just our company logo!  It helps make you seem like a real person and for the security conscious parents, it means that they can be sure that the person at the door is the person they hired.

We suggest following the guidelines below, when taking and/or selecting a profile photo:

  • A head shot 
  • Just you in the picture
  • Ideally not a selfie - taken by someone else (unless you have a timer setting on your camera)
  • No filters, emojis or other graphics
  • Appropriate for the purpose
  • Friendly
  • Clear, good quality image

Why do you need a photo ID and what photo ID do you accept?

We need to verify you are who you say you are and ask for a valid photo ID so that we can do this.

We accept the following photo ID's

·         Passport - all international passports accepted

·         EEA/EU Member State Identity card

·         UK or EEA/EU driving licence

·         National Identity card UK/EU/EEA

·         Residence permit issued by Home Office to EEA/EU nationals

·         Firearm or shotgun certificate

Why do I need to provide my payment/billing information?

We need this so that you can be paid, in compliance with anti-money laundering regulations - because we would not be able to pay you for any lessons you teach without this, we are unable to allow you to teach a lesson without this.

This is also one of the reasons why we require a photo ID, so the quicker you provide it the quicker we can make your account live.

How do I find students near to me to tutor?

When registering with Love2Teach you will be asked how far you are willing to travel to tutor students eg 3 miles.  

Once you have been verified, all parents who carry out a search on our website that are within your chosen travel distance, and are looking for the subjects that you tutor, will have your profile displayed for consideration.

If you increase the distance you are willing to travel you will turn up on more parents searches and have more opportunities of getting job 

I have a problem running my Love2Teach account - Help me!!

Are my documents safe?

Your documents are held on a secure and independent server.  We will only access your documents so we can verify you for identification and anti-money laundering purposes, or if we need to carry out any additional checks at your request or for legal reasons.

No parent or student will be able to see any of your documents. 

Is my bank account/billing information safe?

Love2teach uses an international payment provider called Stripe, one of the largest payment providers in the world.  They hold your bank account/billing information in accordance with the same laws that govern other financial companies such as banks.

Everything is password protected and encrypted by Stripe so that we cannot see your bank information once you have entered it and we can only make payments to you using Stripe for lessons that you teach, and nothing else. 

I've Lost/Forgotten my password?

Don't worry, we've all been there!

If you’ve forgotten your password, select the ‘Login’ option at the top right of the homepage, and then choose the ‘Click here to reset your passsword’ option,it can be found below:


Remember to check your spam folder if the email doesn’t appear within a few minutes.

If you’re still struggling, send us a message via out ‘Contact Us’ form and enter the email address you signed up with so we can find you and help you get back into your account.


Am I employed by Love2Teach?

No - Love2Teach does not employ you are a tutor, we offer a "marketplace" for parents and students to find the right tutors for them and therefore you are self employed.  We cannot give you any individual advice on what self employed working means for you individually but there is information on the government website below