Love2Teach connects parents and students with Violin tutors across the UK. We have over 100 Violin teachers and tutors that help students understand music theory, learn a new instrument, and practice and pass music exams (ABRSM).

All of our tutors are checked and verified by us

No fees, the price you see for the tuition is the price you pay

Our tutors choose their own cost per hour so there is a maths tutor for everyone’s budget

It’s easy - Message, set up lessons and pay using our platform

We offer local tutors who can teach in your home as well as access to great online tutors through our free online classroom

We support all levels and abilities, including special education needs

About Violin

Our Violin tutors can support with learning, revision and exams, helping students to learn musical instruments and gain the grades they want:

Beginners – Our tutors those just learning the violin, including teaching how to read music, hold the instrument, the notes and rudimentary songs. Our tutors can help pass ABRSM beginner grades or those just wanting to learn for fun

Intermediary – Our tutors can help with those looking to develop their music skills, improving their instrumental skills and beginning to teach the fundamentals of Music theory.

Advanced – Many of our tutors are professional musicians or have music degrees and are able to tutor advanced music skills including the more advanced ABRSM grades 6-8

The process is really easy and can take as little as 5 minutes to find the tutor you want:

1. Search for local tutors using our search facility above

2. Sign up to browse our tutors (We collect your email so you to message our tutors and get a response back)

3. Message them to check their availability and arrange your first lesson

4. Book the lesson in the diary to make sure they don’t get booked up!


Who are our tutors?

We pride ourselves on having a diverse range of tutors to fit every need and budget:

- Qualified teachers and lecturers – About 25% of our music tutors have teaching qualifications and/or are currently teaching in a UK school or University

- Professional Musicians – About 55% of our tutors are professional musicians who play their instruments for a living

- Graduates – 65% of our tutors have a graduate level education, a huge 30% have a music degree

- Experienced tutors – 60% of our tutors have been tutoring for 2 years or more

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