Love2Teach over 300 tutors across Leicester and the local area, offering great tutors from Westcotes from West Knighton, from Weston Park to Humberstone, from Belgrave to Aylestone.

We offer tutors for every academic subject at GCSE and A-Level to help students with exams, revision and confidence, as well as supporting younger students with literacy and numeracy. We have a great selection of music teachers for all instruments. We also support students looking to pass entrance exams to local independent schools.

We also can support those students at schools that do GCSE and A-Levels, as well as the international baccalaureate at some of the private schools across the Leeds area.

About Leicester

Getting a Leicester Tutor

Our Leicester tutors include qualified teachers and lecturers, as well as graduates and subject matter experts across all industries. They range from £12-40ph depending on the subject and the level of experience/qualifications that they have

Primary and early Secondary school – We support all subjects including numeracy, literacy, languages, sciences and the arts

Core Exam subjects including Maths, English, the Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Modern Languages (French, Spanish, German and more) and the Humanities (Geography, History, Modern Studies)

The arts including learning musical instruments (piano, guitar, violin, singing and more), performing arts, painting, drawing and more.

Private school Entrance Exam support – We can support students to prepare and pass private school entrance exams

How to Get a Tutor in Leicester

The process is really easy and can take as little as 5 minutes to find the tutor you want

1. Search for local tutors using our search facility above

2. Sign up to browse our tutors (We collect your email so you to message our tutors and get a response back)

3. Message them to check their availability and arrange your first lesson

4. Book the lesson in the diary to make sure they don’t get booked up!

Subjects which are in high demand in Leicester

The most popular subject in Leeds for Secondary school students (Based on the number of GCSE students submitted according to OfQual)

1. English
2. Maths
3. Combined Science
4. History
5. Geography
6. Biology
7. Chemistry
8. Physics
9. French
10. Spanish

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Leicester Resources

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