Terms & Conditions for Tutors

Terms and Conditions

The straightforward summary…

OK – There is the usual legal stuff later but to make it a little easier, we have summarised what we promise to do for you and what we expect you to do. We have referenced the different bits of the terms and conditions so it’s nice and easy for you to see what you are agreeing to. 

If you have any questions, let us know by emailing us at info@love2teach.love.


Our Promise

At Love2Teach our job is to take the hassle and complexity out of tutoring, so we promise you that we will:

  • Get you eager students for you to tutor and teach (Clauses 1 to 4)
  • Provide you with the tools you need to do an excellent job (Clauses 5)
  • Take care of payments and our commission from parents and students after every lesson (Clauses 6 to 8)
  • Make sure you are able to teach in a safe environment (Clauses 9 to 11)


What we ask you to do in return:

  • Help us get you more opportunities and students by keeping your details up to date (Clauses 12 to 14)
  • Always be respectful of parents, students, other teachers and Love2Teach (Clauses 15 to 17)
  • Help us to create a great service for you by giving us your thoughts and feedback on how we can improve our service  (Clauses 18 to 20)


The Technical Legal Stuff

The purpose of these terms and conditions are to outline the contract between Love2Teach (also referred to us “We” and “Us”) and you, the Teacher/Tutor (referred to as “You”), for using the Love2Teach services to find, arrange and manage your Tutoring activities. 

Please read through these terms and conditions and familiarise yourself with this agreement before signing them, as these will form the contract between us. 

  1. Employment - Nothing in this contract will constitute a contract of employment between Love2Teach and you the Teacher/Tutor.  Love2Teach will act as an introducer of students to you and provide services for you to facilitate lessons.  For the avoidance of doubt, Teachers/Tutors should, as appropriate, make their own arrangements for Tax, National Insurance, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance
  2. Exclusivity – Where a student finds you through Love2Teach, then you agree not to enter into a separate arrangement where the student pays you, or pays you through a 3rd party, for tutoring for the period of one year after the first contact with the student or the final tutoring session, whichever is the later
  3. Marketing and Advertising – Love2Teach will market to attract new students for all Teachers/Tutors but will not specifically market on behalf of you individually.  Individual selection of Teachers/Tutors will be done by Parents/Students using Love2Teach’s search facilities
  4. Search Facilities – Love2Teach will at all times let you know how the search facilities work so that you can optimise your approach and opportunities to attract the students you want.  Where we change the way these work we will let you know what they are changing to and why we are changing them
  5. Messaging and Diaries - We will provide secure messaging and a diary to arrange all of your meetings on, and you will use this at all times for meetings with the students you are tutoring so that existing/new students can select the right Teacher/Tutor and/or manage appointments 
  6. Your rate of pay - You will set your rate of pay per hour using our payment tool within the secure area.  This will be the rate that is displayed within your profile that parents would see and is how much parents will pay for your services
  7. Our Commission - We will charge you 25% of your hourly fee for finding your students, and the use of our tutoring services including our messaging, appointments, payments and resource library
  8. We will provide your payment facilities - We will provide the facility to take payments from the parent/student and your payments, if it has been made before the lesson by the parent/student, will be paid to you 5 working days after the date of the lesson, minus our commission fee. If payment is not received by the parent/student by the date of the lesson, you will receive payment 5 working days after payment is made by the parent/student, minus our commission fee.
  9. Costs – Love2Teach will not be liable for any costs incurred by you in travelling to and from your appointments, or parking in the course of tutoring
  10. Your Preferences – We will exclude you from any students searches where you have indicated in your preferences that you are unwilling to tutor in that environment e.g. smoking households or those with pets
  11. Using Messaging – For your protection you will only use the messaging facility within the Love2Teach site to communicate with students and parents.  These messages will be available for students and viewable by Parents. Love2Teach will keep a copy of all of these messages (even where they have been deleted by you and/or the parent/student) for any future customer service and/or legal purposes
  12. Your profile – You will complete your profile information and keep it up to date at all times including, but not limited to: your tutoring preferences, you're up to date PVG (or similar police checks) and your banking information
  13. Your diary – You will ensure that, to the best of your ability, you keep your diary up to date and where you have prolonged periods where you cannot tutor you will:
    1. Use our “unavailable to teach” diary functionality to ensure students know about your absence and cannot continue to send messages or diary invites
    2. Where a student wants to continue with lessons while you are on holiday or absent for a prolonged period.  You will contact Love2Teach to help them facilitate this.  Love2Teach will, in turn, ensure that the student returns to you following your absence as agreed between the parties
  14. Inactivity - Where there is an extended period where you are inactive on your account, Love2Teach reserves the right to remove you from search facilities and where we cannot get in contact with you, refer your students to another Teacher.  You can reactivate yourself by contacting Love2Teach directly
  15. Right to stop lessons – Love2Teach reserves the right to cancel lessons where a significant issue or event has occurred
  16. Professional behaviour – You agreed to, at all times, behave in a professional manner and will use appropriate language and behaviour in lessons, student communications and on our website.  Love2Teach reserves the right to suspend or remove you from its site where it believes that you have violated this clause
  17. Inappropriate student/parent behaviour – You will immediately inform us of any inappropriate student/parent behaviour. We will then agree together on how to deal with the issue
  18. Helping us make our product better – We are always looking to improve our product and services, and therefore you will, where you can, provide us with feedback to improve our service through messages, questionnaires or any other medium
  19. New products, functionality and services – We will be continuously looking to provide new products, functionality and services to help you with your tutoring activity.  We have your permission to provide these within our current service (payments, messaging etc)
  20. Your data and information – We will never provide your information and data to a 3rd party for marketing purposes without your permission